“Abracadabra”                       is actually a Hebrew phrase meaning                                  “I create what I speak.”        God spoke the universe into existence—we too speak our own lives into reality! What kind of a life are you creating with your words? Learn how to SPEAK your way into a better life! The plain and simple truth is that we had better start thinking about what we're thinking about, and more importantly what we're saying. I AM is an exciting trip into this very awareness. Learn how to become accountable for the results of your focus, by finally taking responsibility for the consequences. Become empowered through understanding the effect of thoughts and the significance of words. Discover the power within Linda Wright The biggest difference between this book and the rest of those positive motivation, self-help books, is that I AM will lead you straight to the truth!  
Read what readers are saying! Available in paperback and Kindle edition ebook. I am happy, I am sad, I am healthy, I am sick. No matter what I choose,  I am right. I literally decide what I AM. Be among the first to plug in and get energized through these inspirational insights into co-creating your new improved reality. I AM.   Two of the most powerful words, for what you put after them shapes your reality.