Be the Experiment As a child, every time I wanted to understand why something was the way it was, I’d ask my dad. He would always say, “Let’s figure out why through an experiment, that way you can learn how you got the end result.” Believe me, there were a lot of “why’s” coming out of my mouth. My mother used to say that my sister was a “crybaby” and that I was a “whybaby.” She also subscribed to the “because I said so” line of thinking to answer most of my questions. With that said, I put this plan into action. I decided to do this as a scientific experiment in faith. I became the experiment. I found the way to my why through this very experiment and discovered the foundation to my faith. I took a giant scoop of scientific theory, along with everything I felt deep down inside and put it all into a celestial beaker. I added a bunch of knowledge through research, mixed it well, and cooked it for quite a while (oh, about fifty years). I then dumped it into a spiritual strainer and finally filtered out the answer! We are in a co-creation position with a creator.  In other words, our thoughts are actually prayers, so we better really start thinking about what we’re thinking about. We will need to work in cooperation with our only source of positive direction by finally getting in line with God. The law of attraction and the theory of positive mental attitude are right out of the Bible. “Pray as if you have already received what you are asking for,” “To the degree that you believe, by that same degree you will receive,” and “You will do even greater things than I have done.” God also stated to “renew your mind.” Simply put: get a grip on your thoughts. Combined with the good old Golden Rule: “Do to others as you want done to you” and “so you give, so too you will receive.” In other words, have a positive attitude, be nice, and share. In addition, God tells us that “we should be diligent in all that we do.” Meaning we can achieve anything we put our minds to, knowing that He is there helping us whenever we ask. Be honest, work hard, and don’t give up, tada!: “the law of attraction.” The secret law of attraction simply states, that if you think long and hard about your deepest desires you can make them manifest into the physical world. However, the following quote is from the Bible, “And thus are the secrets of his heart made manifest…” But wait just a minute, because the rest of that verse is, “and so falling down on his face he will worship God, and report that God is in you of the truth” (1 Corinthians 14:25, KJV). Not much of a secret once we realize it’s a rewrite of “the word of God.” Finally realizing that they are all one and the same, whether quantum theory, the law of attraction, or positive mental attitude. They are all the power of God! By simply accepting this truth, we can become empowered as never before. Through this awareness, we can finally accept our position as co-creators, and with a detailed job description, better known as the Bible, we can learn how to use our will to do His will. The power of our will alone does not work. It is only half of the equation. We can never be whole until we connect to our other half, our spiritual empowerment through the grace of God. We can believe that we are the sole source of power in this life, only to find out like I did that we are not. There is a much higher power than us out there. I found out the hard way that I am not whole without God by trying to do it all on my own for over fifty years. It seems to me that we have spent an eternity in a great big power struggle with God. The “it’s gonna be my way” thinking and the “I will force fate no matter how hard it gets” belief system. How very stupid when you really stop and think about it. What a bunch of control freaks. What do we really have control over anyway? Our choices, that’s about it. So I say choose to let go and let God. It’s just so much easier that way. Surrendering to His will and utilizing our will to get there. We can row our boat, but He can lead us to the shore. Get a jump on this stuff and don’t waste half a century like I did, trying to force God’s hand. That just does not work. Finally giving the glory back to God will give us the additional food that we need to live a spiritually fulfilled life. As well as finally giving us a great guide book to follow. Becoming connected to God through the Holy Spirit is the key to receiving His guidance and empowerment. We can actually activate a dormant portion of our consciousness and become spiritually connected through inspirational guidance. Becoming empowered to do things once thought impossible, from finding the path to our destiny to healing our bodies. There are no prerequisites, except to simply believe that you can obtain it. This spiritual connection can exist for anyone. Nothing else matters. Not anything in the physical world matters, there are no exceptions or exclusions. Not your age, gender, race, size, location… Not one thing in the natural  world makes any difference whatsoever. You can have everything you want, your heart’s desire, everything from achieving your wildest dreams to great health and satisfying relationships. Finally realizing that you can have and hold on to all of it by believing it’s within the parameters of a spiritual life of faith. Finally learning to accept that God is the one and only universal positive power source, and connecting through inspiration and positive mental attitude. He is the architect and we are the carpenters. He has the blue prints and we have the tools. So pick up your hammer, get some nails, and start building the future that God has planned for you. These realizations have allowed me to achieve a spiritual awakening for the first time in my life. I’ve never really given God a fair shake to be honest with you, it’s always been on my terms and that just didn’t seem to fly with Him. I had what you might call an on again off again  relationship, and the only successes in my life just so happened to be when I was on again. I’ve pretty much avoided traditional religion and conventional church my entire life because it simply didn’t fit me—all that fire and brimstone, all the blood, sacrifices, and wrath. I really needed to find this kinder, gentler place to land and feed my soul. I finally found fulfillment in a new and improved, more digestible version of “faith in God.” We no longer have to be a generation lost in space, just floating around with nothing to ground us and absolutely no way to believe. By connecting all the dots, I have truly found a way to find inner peace. I can have God without the guilt and co-create everything that I want in my life with this new enlightenment. We can finally stop being afraid of our power source because of the consequences. We now can embrace this endless supply of abundance through His absolute forgiveness and love. We have been taught that it is bad to have power and use it to better our lives. We’ve also been told to believe that it is wrong to have material possessions. The truth is that we do have a power source, we should tap into it, and we should have a good life. Simply put: “Ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened.” What a huge load off for me to finally realize that I can have it all, believe in everything, and it’s all true. God is our positive mental attitude as well as our source of every other good thing in this life. Our thoughts are literally our prayers, through intentionally using the power of our minds to allow this higher consciousness to become activated. What an enormous relief to finally accept that we are not all alone in this life because we absolutely do have a higher power. He truly wants to enable us to find spiritual fulfillment and have abundance in every area of this life. We no longer have to choose. It’s simply a matter of learning how to attract the power of God into every area of our life! Our belief system is a direct result of our expectations. Think of it this way: know what you want, feel it deep down inside, and expect it to happen. Connect to the Spirit of God by merely inviting Him into your consciousness and then just believe that a whole new life is on the way! I thought I could do it all on my own, but I was wrong. By discovering that our thoughts are actually prayers, we can finally give the glory back to God and quit pretending that we are doing it all on our own. More importantly, we can stop complaining our way into illness and problems or worrying our way right out of a wonderful destiny. By accepting our position as co-creators, we became eligible for the entire benefit package. God can do great things through the person that doesn’t care who gets the credit!   Find Your Dream Start with this—what gets you excited—really gets you going? What keeps you awake and unable to sleep at night? What makes you really happy? What fuels your passion? What’s your lifelong dream and desire? Do you try really hard to enjoy your job or are you doing what you love? What is your God-given talent? You have one, everyone does. We all know deep inside what our calling is, just dig inside and find it. Identifying it is the first step onto the path of your destiny. It will usually require taking a risk, but that’s okay because you will have a limitless partner in this new venture called your destiny. Once you totally accept this reality, you can finally start to believe in yourself. Simply acknowledging that you now have a very wise partner will suddenly allow you to become empowered right into your new improved future. Failure is no longer an option, it’s merely a matter of time because failure is always temporary. Any feelings of failure you might have perceived in the past will now become nothing more than a delay in success. Now that you are on your way to empowerment, you can choose how you will experience every situation. It’s impossible not to be good at doing what you love because it’s what you enjoy doing, its fun for you. How can you not be successful if you are doing something you really enjoy doing, for Pete’s sake? If you start to think about it and focus all of your energy on it, you begin to feel happy and start to believe it can really happen. Before you know it, you are well on your way to reaching your preordained destiny. We are all factory equipped with an internal guidance system; we just don’t know how to turn it on. Only believe that God has a plan for you. That’s all you have to do to start this force into motion. External forces are at work to help us in everything that we do because God uses “circumstances” to guide us. Don’t let anything in the natural world allow you to give up on yourself. Don’t let your passion fire burn out. Just keep fanning it with faith. Don’t let the “naysayers” of the world throw water on your dream fire. Think of God as the Universal Energizer, and start thinking of yourself as the Energizer Bunny. Fear is nothing more than that little chattering, obnoxious, cymbal banging mechanical monkey; I think of him as the Fear Monkey. Don’t allow yourself to be deterred by fear, which is nothing more than an emotional windup toy trying to play a trick on you. Cram some Energizer batteries deep inside of your core to ignite a faith fire in your soul. Get up, get energized, and you go, Bunny! If things appear to be going against you, change the way you are viewing the circumstances and alter your course. Just adjust! Our conscience is the receptor within our soul that receives the signal that the Spirit is sending. This is how the Spirit of God communicates with us. It’s how He guides us. Our intuition already knows how to get us there, so just learn how to listen to those deep gut feelings. Identify your niche, your unique ability and ingrained talent, that God-given capacity to be able to do something without anyone teaching you how. We are supposed to use our God-given talents to do whatever it is that we choose to do. If we are doing what we are truly inspired to do, our deepest desire and passion, then and only then are we giving 100% of our talents to God, and therefore will receive an unbelievable reward back. We can all be doing what we love to do, just stop and think about that. Every bunny on earth has come here factory equipped with a BGS, Bunny Guidance System. We just have to learn how to operate it and follow the guidance that it provides. Trust yourself, your deepest true gut feelings, and by doing so you are trusting in God. There are many ways to get to the same place, so take off the blinders, Bunny, and change your course. Don’t be so set on charging straight forward to reach your goal that you don’t even look down. Avoid tripping or marching right off your bunny path. Sometimes you simply need to take your bunny sunglasses off and take a good hard look at where you are marching. Maybe you got off course and didn’t even realize it. Always adjust your course according to current circumstances and listen to your God guide/gut feelings/intuition. If you find that you seem to be marching at a decent pace but are just going in a circle. It could be that some other bunny is holding you down by stepping on one of your bunny feet and preventing you from staying on your path. Please don’t let others keep you in one place, especially if it’s the wrong place. Don’t allow someone else’s fear to affect your choices. Don’t hold it against all the other bunnies that keep getting in your way either. After all, there are a lot of us out there marching our tails off. We are bound to collide every now and then. You will never go the wrong way for long if you just do this simple thing: adjust as circumstances tell you to. There it is in a nutshell—how to turn on and operate your factory equipped internal BGS/Bunny Guidance System. Don’t ever lose sight of your final destination, the end result. Just keep going, Bunny, and don’t ever stop until you arrive. Keep marching straight forward, banging your little drum, and you will eventually get there! Every bunny has a different destination, and we each have to march to the beat of a different drummer. I am thankful that I have finally accepted me for who I really am—one funny bunny. I am eternally grateful for my long overdue awareness of an all loving, compassionate, mercifully forgiving God. Because of this enlightenment, I have become enabled to follow my heart and finally arrived at my dream destination. I am at last free to really enjoy being alive and truly experience love and joy in my heart. One of the most important things in being happy in your everyday life is your job. It is the one thing that you do almost every day. It is vital that you enjoy, no, love your job, just can’t get enough of it, eat, sleep, and drink it. This is how you know that you are on the right path, the Energizer’s planned bunny path for you. When you are doing what you love to do, that one thing that really makes you happy, it’s no longer work. You have consciously chosen to be in God’s presence and therefore will receive God’s presents. The Energizer absolutely, positively has a plan for you without a doubt. We were all created by a man with a plan. We do indeed have a determined destiny guaranteed! “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11, NIV Learn how to find God