Reader Reviews Recently, my mind is very focused on changing my life for the better and becoming more spiritual. I've been reading lots of stuff on the internet about the law of attraction. There's so much stuff about it and they all say that they have the answer to our problems and to getting abundance, etc. I have read the Secret and other books like it and found it hard to accept all the abundance and all. I am a spiritual person and want to find something that talks about God and relates it all to His Power…not just that we can do it all ourselves. I've struggled a lot with the Bible over the years, with all the fire and brimstone, Old Testament stuff, and could only accept that God was a loving yet powerful God who had our best interests at heart. I'm at a stage where I need to know God personally and closely. I need to be aware of his presence in my life all the time, and yet I need some abundance too! I have lots of debt and I'm struggling financially. I know I've brought this on myself by my negative thinking so I'm trying my hardest to change that. I have only recently realized how negative I've been most of my life and how much I worry. I now realize that this is due to my lack of faith in the past. I really believe I was 'drawn' to your book and I can't put it down. It is just what I need at this moment in my life and I can relate so much to it. I love how you talk about God, how he is the all consuming powerful one and how we can't do it by ourselves. God has definitely used you to write this book. It’s brilliant. I am starting to see changes for the better in my life since finishing your book. It’s like I really believe in what you are saying in theory because it makes so much sense to me. My only problem is putting it all into practice. I know the only way to get around this is to 'just do it' and that's what I've started to do. I've tried doing your 'test tube faith' and this really works! It’s amazing! I believe in God and that He speaks to us, but always felt that I'm too out of tune to hear Him. But after trying test tube faith, I can feel the difference when He speaks to me by the 'gut' feeling I get and the sense of peace that follows. This is helping to increase my trust in my feelings and in my ability to communicate with God. I now ask for inner guidance and I'm getting it and trusting in it. I'm finally getting to know God… which is what I've always wanted. Thank you, Linda, for your wisdom, knowledge and guidance! Your book has changed my life! God bless you and again thank you so much! Andrew Harris Nottinghamshire, U.K. “I feel your book made me take a good look at my own life. I now know that I have to trust God’s word, as well as learning how he wants me to live my life. There was a point when I truly believed there was no God. It was when I had to take care of my husband and watch him pass away. He was my life and my world. Now, since I’ve read your book and go to church and study and have such great friends in the church, I know I was wrong. I now believe there is a God and He is watching over me. You are one of many that I would like to thank for helping me turn my life around. Your book helped me to do that…thank you and God bless you. ”  Mary Lee Veeder “I AM is an incredibly powerful book. I truly believe God used Linda as a vessel to write these words of inspiration in such a down to earth manner. I recommend I AM to anyone not just to place in their library on the shelf, but to read it again and again. The pages in my copy are underlined, starred, and highlighted for future reference. I gave a copy of I AM to a friend and her response was this book is awesome.  I agree.  Like others, once I started reading I AM, I could not put it down.  To God be the glory for this great thing He has done.” Marc  A. Medley Professor William Paterson University Talk Show Host THE READING CIRCLE with Marc Medley WP88.7 FM “I've read a lot of so-called new age books lately, and although the subject is considered new, it is only revived. It's been around for thousands of years and only some people ever get that. However, out of all the wonderful books that I’ve read like ‘The Secret’ and ‘Notes from the Universe,’ no one has been able to complete the circle and give the final soul-clenching advice we need, until I read I AM. You have added the final God and Jesus.  Most everyone else leaves that important final treatise in such a nebulous state that it leaves people like me knowing that the last bit of knowledge is still missing.  Thank you for being the only person I've read to be brave enough to say it out loud and proud. Don't ever stop! I so enjoyed reading I AM.”   Camille Day   “Thank you so much for writing this book. I have almost finished reading it, and it just feels like you are writing a bout me. I have read many books, but nothing is as easy, and enjoyable and honest to read as yours.  You have no idea how truly beautiful your book is.  Both of my parents have read it, I have also taken the book to a friend and she also said it is truly inspiring.  Your words ”I AM” sure will touch many people and change their lives.  Thank you from my heart and God bless you for everything. I know I was meant to read this wonderful book!” Susan Redman “Okay, I have finished reading I AM for the second time now. I wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything—which I probably did and I will read it again.  This book is a true source of strength and faith. As I have been walking through the trenches of my divorce for the past year, trying to find  myself again after being a stay at home wife and mother for 12 years, I can not tell you how powerful its meaning is to me.  Linda Wright shares a realistic approach to pulling yourself up by your boot straps and trusting in faith. I refer to this book often to remind myself that we all go through "things" in our life, and it is our own responsibility to figure out what we are here for and embrace this discovery process. I am here for many reasons, and I "Thank You" Linda Wright for reminding me of this. Every person, every moment, in this life is precious and how we VIEW it or Change it or simply LIVE it can make all the difference in the world! Thank you, God, for giving Linda Wright this gift of writing.” Jill Teague Kleinschmidt   “The title of this book may be 'I AM', but the subtitle should be 'From the Heart'.  Most people these days aren't honest enough to say what they truly feel and believe.  Instead, they give you a homogenized version of their essence, one that they feel is that which will be received best and judged least, but not so with Linda Wright's first book 'I AM'. She doesn't hold back and is willing to be vulnerable. How refreshing at a time in history when subterfuge and lies prevail. An open, honest and heartfelt story of personal faith at a point in time when the planet needs hope and faith more than it ever has before. A book about loss, hardship, personal growth and change, with a deep pervading sense of humor throughout. How many books today can bring tears to your eyes and laughter to your heart all at the same time?  Great job Linda, I'm looking forward to your next book!” Chris Miller, Retired Television Executive “I first skimmed through I AM with total astonishment and enjoyment!! You go girl, you did an awesome job, Linda (with Divine Intervention!!).  Your whimsical humor and poignant analogies made this such an enjoyable read. It is always beneficial to be reminded how vital God is in my life....every minute, every second...through good times and through bad. I am in the process of re- digesting it through a second read, and thank you for your honesty—your life experiences with and without Our Lord. Your optimism is contagious and encouraged me to make a list of things I want to strive for in my life. I am blessed to call you friend.” Diane Publicover “I AM is a pleasure to read.  Seeing the journey an 'ordinary' woman takes finding a connection with the ultimate power source.  The joy she feels comes thru to the reader on every brought to mind that wonderful old Ronny Milsap song "What a Difference You've Made in My Life."  Give yourself a treat and read I AM.” Cally Aschmeyer I've read enough, I want to purchase I AM now! “As far as your book I AM is concerned...loved it.  Your intent was clear and it was REAL.  It was not theory.  You were not postulating.  You brought the truth and not as a hypothesis.  You stated clearly ‘these were the things that changed my life...changed my thinking...period.’  Freedom from the bondage of self — there is no better topic, I loved it!” James Craig, M.D. “When I first read I AM, I had just lost my sweetheart and was feeling very, very low. I found this book to be just what I needed—encouragement and guidance on how to renew my faith in everything. This book has helped me through a sorrowful time of my life. I have read I AM several times and each time it has helped me in some way. Linda writes in an easy-to-read and down- to-earth-style, interspersed with deep feeling and a touch of humor. If you are in need of help or feeling low, read this book—I know it will help!”   Edith West   “My first inclination was to sit down and read the book all at once, but a little voice told me to take it slowly. I read all the dedications and disclaimer (that's me, I read it all), and "Finally Growing Up". I knew then why the little voice had said "slowly". As I read that chapter all I kept thinking was, YES!!!, that's me, that's how I think, that's how I was, that's how I am. I will reread it before reading the next chapter. So far, it is an absolutely wonderful and amazing book.” Randi Sava   “We get smug in our own little world, thinking we know exactly what we are doing.  Sometimes we are happy with that… sometimes not, but we don't know how to change. Your book I AM shows how simple and rewarding it is to turn our lives around. Your personal struggles truly tug at the heart. Who knew it could be so easy, a ‘must read’ for everyone!” Ina Mitts   “Congratulations on your wonderful book!! It is fantastic. I just started reading it and have already recommended it to several friends.” Lydia Stevens, R.N.   “I started reading your book and it has so much meat that I have had to put it down to digest it, and pick it up and take little bites at a time. Incredible!” Vickie McLaughlin             Please feel free to submit your own critique…                                                                   …and possibly have it posted!   Click here to enter a review Purchase I AM now! Learn how to find God